Initiate Publicity works with you in 4 ways:


Creating dynamic and rapid exposure is best served by a dynamic media relations strategy. With media at the focus of what we do as a group, we understand how important it is to ensure your story is relevant and newsworthy to the media with whom you wish to engage.

We create compelling editorial content and news angles on your behalf to appeal to newspapers, magazines, television and radio programs, as well as online publications and bloggers.

We have 2 key PR packages available for you to choose from that are ready-made to get results.

Social PR

Get on board or get left behind. Social PR is a hugely important part of the mix in today’s fast-changing media market. We help authors and organizations of all sizes navigate the complex world of social media by developing social media strategies which deliver real results.

Whether you are seeking to build relationships with your target audience, position yourself or your organization as a thought-leader, or convert more website visits to sales, strength in your digital media presence is essential in this day and age.

Our social media package is developed specifically for authors and will help you reach out to your target market – be it local, national or international.


Media outlets receiving publicity requests want to dig a little deeper. They want to know what – or who – they will be interviewing. As a bare minimum, the author or organization will require a website.

For authors a crucial new way of creating an audience is blogging. Writing content for your website, then sharing it on social media will help you build connection with a global audience.

We have 2 web packages available that are highly affordable, will get you online quickly, and will help you make that connection.

Video Promos

Creating a video that can be hosted on your website, on your social media channels and sent out to media (linked back to Youtube for quick viewing) is that next level of engagement.

We are in an age now where video is not only cheap to create, but brings your personality (or organization’s personality) to life.

We have video options for those able to make it to our studio, and those who cannot.

We can comfortably bring creative into our mix, as it is at the very heart of what our group provides. Developing author websites and video promos is done in-house as part of Initiate Agency’s core capabilities.

For more information on any of the above PR options, simply contact us and we will be in touch.