Monthly Archives: February 2021

How you can gain influence as an author

Nonfiction authors write for one primary reason: to become an influencer. Whether your book is self-help, business-oriented, historical, or autobiographical, chances are you wrote it to help others better understand themselves or their world. Being an influencer doesn’t mean you have a big ego, or that you’re trying to build a big ministry. It means […]

What you need to do before an interview

Getting interviewed as an author is no small deal. If you’ve just landed your first interview, awesome! While it may seem daunting, a one-on-one interview is a massive opportunity to promote both yourself and your book to a new audience. What you say during an interview matters, and whether it’s your first interview or 100th […]

How you can run a virtual book tour

With Covid, the changing work on which we live, and the fact that media companies are based all over the world, whereas you are not, there are any ways that you can get your book out into the world – without having to manage planes, trains and automobiles to do so. In fact, you can […]

Why social media is essential for gaining influence

One of the challenges so many authors have is in their lack of understanding of the importance of social media. Once upon a time – well, only about 5 years or more ago – the only way you could build a big profile was if you were invited to speak in large churches or conferences. […]

Yes, you can use LinkedIn to sell books

When people think of social media, they think of Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter, but rarely do they give LinkedIn the time and respect that it deserves. LinkedIn is not great for fiction or general books, but if your book appeals to thought leadership, then LinkedIn is the perfect platform for every author when building […]